SAVE 20% Upfront Payment 12 Month Subscription

Save a massive 20% when you subscribe upfront for our best selling 12 month subscription service.

That's a massive $130 saving for simply paying for your entire subscription upfront!  

This package includes:

  • 1 Stylish Bottom Loaded Water Dispenser that delivers instant Hot 90°, Cold 5° and Room Temperature Water. This dispenser is yours to keep = no rental costs!  
  • 6x 15 litre bottles per month of pH 8.0 Alkaline Natural Spring Water or pH 9.0 Premium Crafted Tea and Coffee Water
  • 1000 PLA Biodegradable Cups 
  • Available in PC with easy carry handle and fully recyclable PET 15 Litre bottles
  • Free Delivery 

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