Shipping & Delivery


Standard Free Delivery is included in all deliveries. The total delivery time is: Processing time + Delivery Time. Delivery will be 2-5 days for standard free shipping and $14.95 for priority shipping of 1- 2 business days. The customer shall pay delivery charges as applicable.

Standard/Regular Delivery

M-Water shall deliver the product and Equipment to the Customers. on its scheduled delivery time.

Delivery terms:

·        The Customer acknowledges and agrees that M -Water imposes minimum four (4) bottles per delivery for single purchase and minimum four (4) bottles per delivery for four (4) and twelve (12) month subscription deliveries.

·        The Customer must provide M-Water agent some reasonable and safe passage to deliver products and Equipment.

·        The M-Water representative check the empty water bottles and have its own discretion to allow water bottle for reuse. M-water may forefeit the Customer’s deposit if the customer provide unauthorized bottle to the M-power representative.

If you have already placed an order, call us at 0480 222 684—we’ll be happy to give you an update and estimated delivery time.

LATE DELIVERY: As per our policy, for the late delivery of order, if the time delay is unreasonable you can be entitled for a refund of cost as per our Return/Refund Policy.

We ensure assured Refund to you for the specific product and equipment ordered from the Website, when you seek the refund as per the terms of the Terms of Service of the Website.

For Seven (7) days following shipment to you of the Product and Equipment, EXCLUDING items marked as no Return accepted, you have ordered through us, you have an absolute guarantee of satisfaction from us. You may return product for a refund of the product price anytime during that 7-day period. Delivery charges will not be refunded. The product return include:

a.     Repackage the item including all original parts, packing material, instructions, etc. Within reason, this means that everything must be returned exactly as it was sent to you. Poor repackaging or the return of damaged merchandise could result in refusal of your return and loss of any refund or replacement item. Items MUST not have any damage/have been used.

All refund shall be applicable at our sole discretion.


How can I get my Refund?

Our refund policies are simple. You can claim refund by:

  1. Call us at our customer care number 0480 222 684 or;
  2. Send us an email at

Methods of Payment and Refund

When returning an item how you paid for your item will determine how your refund is processed.

Credit / Debit Card – Your refund will go back to the same card you purchased on.

Returning a Faulty Item

Sometime due to some unexpected reason the product suffer manufacturing defect. We always like to ensure that this situation shall be resolved for our customers in minimum time and fuss.

For returning or exchanging faulty product, you can contact our back office staff for all you queries and process relating to return, exchange, cancellation and refund for the product.

Partial Refund

  • Partial Refund are allowed subject to confirmation from our back office staff. Partial refund will be made in case of partial refund.

Unethical order & Cancellation Policy

  • In case of any product purchase made through unethical means; by taking advantage of a technical glitch; or by misusing/ the offer terms/guidelines/codes - the particular order/s will be cancelled whatsoever and will not be liable to pay any refund to you in all such cases.

Refund Cycle:

Complete refund process normally takes about 10-15 working days from the date of confirmation of refund. No credit until product has arrived.