Is the spring water really spring water?

We source our water from the finest alkaline springs in Victoria. Yep, it's alkaline out of the ground and pH8.0 at time of bottling. 

We already have a dispenser. Can we just order bottles? 

Absolutely. Our bottles can be used for all top loaded dispensers (flip bottle on top) or bottom loaded dispensers on the market. 

Can we rent a dispenser? That seems to be what all companies are offering.

You can but why would you? Our water dispensers aka water coolers are classy and super practical. Instant hot, cold and room temperature water and and easy slide in loading of the water bottles make changing a breeze. 

When you order our 12 month subscription, you get a FREE bottom loaded dispenser.

You could stick with the standard tacky 1980's disgusting looking dispenser (who designs these hideous looking things anyway?) and pay an obscene amount of rent but why would you?

After 12 months, the dispenser is yours to keep, forever.

Our competition in Melbourne can't match that! 

What are Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and how do they change the water?

TDS is the count in parts per million (ppm) of minerals or chemicals that are in the water. Having a lower TDS means there is less of these in the water and a higher TDS means there is more. These can change the taste and appearance  of the water.

Our Spring Water is on the low end of TDS of around 110-130 (ppm) and our Coffee and Tea water is super low at around 40-60 ppm.

Check the label next time you try some of the international bottled waters to have your mind blown! Some are 800 ppm+ 

What if we need more than 4 bottles per month?

Our driver carries an instant payment capture  device that can process all major credit and debit cards. Tap and go! Additional water is only $8.74 per extra bottle on the 12 month subscription plan.

We have a big office. Can we get multiple bottom loaded dispensers? 

Sure can. Our bottom loaded dispensers are based on 4 bottles per month for the first unit and 8 bottles per month for the second unit.  So if you order 12 bottles per month (4+8) you will get two dispensers. 

Premium Crafted Coffee & Tea Water pH 9.0 sounds like a bit of a gimmick. Does it really work?

We get this question a lot! We spent over 2 years working on the right blend just for coffee and tea. The high alkalinity in the water draws out the flavours of the coffee beans and tea leafs much better than standard water. Try it to be a believer! 

Can the Coffee and Tea water be consumed cold or at room temperature? 

Absolutely! Some of our customers prefer it compared to the Spring Water.

When you say the bottle is reusable, what exactly does that mean and is it safe?

We collect the empty bottles when we drop off the new ones and return them to be thoroughly washed and cleaned before refilling. Our bottling line washes the bottles 4 times to ensure that the bottles are super clean. 

You offer wholesale pricing. What are the requirements? 

We align ourselves with companies that share the same vision as M Water. Orders for wholesale are on a case by case bases.

We need a lot of water, can you do better pricing? 

We are already the cheapest in Melbourne but if you need more than 48 bottles per order, email us at sales@m-water.com.au for a personalised quote. 

Do you have other sizing in bottles?

We can run 18.9 litre bottles but due to weight restrictions and Workplace OH&S requirements in Victoria, a liability waiver may need to be signed with forklift on site to offload the bottles. 

Do you deliver water outside of Victoria? 

At this stage no. We are planning to expand in the future so check back for updates. 

Can we order pallets of bottles?

We love this option because it's so much easier to offload. To order pallets of bottles however, you must have a forklift on site and be authorised to drive and offload with a forklift. Unfortunately our driver is not authorised to offload with another companies forklift. Our pallets are stacked 3 high for 36 bottles and 3 high for 48 bottles.  

Can we order 3 months or 6 months amount of water per delivery?

Our customers love this option because it's less deliveries. We are flexible so throw us some options and we will see if we can make them fit.