Want to save the planet and hydrate too? 

Enter stage left, M Water!

Our bottles are fully reusable meaning less single use plastic ends up in landfill or our beautiful oceans. We care deeply for the environment so we crafted the whole business around sustainability and the environment. 

A company that cares about the environment? Crazy right?

At M Water, we make the whole hydrating experience super simple and cut out all the heavy lifting. 

Pop in your credit card details just once and hey presto, you are done. 

Every month, our driver will deliver water to your doorstep and you don't even have to lift a finger.

Need extra bottles? No problem, our drivers always carry extra just in case you end up drinking like a fish. 

Our bestselling pH 8.0 Alkaline Spring Water just doesn't just sound fancy, it tastes amazing too.

Would you like some far-fetched, artisan story of how spring water is crafted by a magical princess and unicorns?

Yeah, neither do we. 

Or are you sick and tired of lugging 24x bottles of plastic home from the supermarket each week? 

We left out the usual "marketing" tricks of painting an unbelievable story in order to push sales.

It's pretty simple:

We offer the best tasting pH 8.0 Alkaline Spring Water in Victoria, period!

Coffee and Tea Water as well?

Everyone knows Melbourne is coffee mad but little thought is put into the most important component after the coffee beans themselves; the water!

We love a good cup or five of coffee a day as much as the next person.

So we have given this some serious thought and went to work to specially formulated a water made just for coffee and tea.

Rubbish I hear you cry. 

Well it's true!

We painstakingly crafted for over 2 years, variation after variation of different blends and minerals on getting the water just right for that next perfect cuppa.

Right now you are thinking are we barking mad to be this passionate about water? 

And in a word, YES!

But because water is so important to us, we put the extra effort in so you can have the best tasting water possible for that next perfect cuppa.

So if you want awesome customer service, great tasting water and be part of stamping out single use plastic, join us at M Water where hydration is redefined.