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pH 8.0 Alkaline Natural Spring Water is pure, revitalizing, and refreshing – and every single bottle offers you pure hydration. Refresh yourself with cleansing alkaline water – just like nature intended.

pH 8.0 Micro Filtered Water is a crisp and healthy micro-filtered water that comes entirely chlorine-free, fluoride-free, and without all of those nasty artificial chemicals. Enjoy delicious, non-toxic water without the health risks. 

pH 9.0 Premium Crafted Tea and Coffee Water is perfect for that 9am or 3.30pm office perk up! Our premium crafted 9.0pH water is designed especially for that next perfect cuppa. In addition to its health benefits, our alkaline water also helps to draw out all of the flavors from your cup of tea or coffee, to give you a tasty beverage that packs an extra energy boost to keep you going all day long. 

pH 9.0 Sports Water with added Electrolytes will help you power through your workout or your busy day the right day – hydrated! Formulated with electrolytes and essential salts to restore and re-energize, this water is perfect for active gym users and hectic workplaces.

Not sure which is best for you? Why not mix and match? 

Enjoy delicious, nontoxic water now without the health risks.

  • pH 8.0 Alkaline Natural Spring Water.
  • pH 8.0 Micro Filtered Water.
  • pH 9.0 Premium Crafted Tea and Coffee Water.
  • pH 9.0 Sports Water with added Electrolytes.

    Available in 15L and 18.9L in BPA-free PET bottles.

    Minimum purchase of four (4) bottles